The Arts Society - Painswick provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. This work with young people builds a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of arts heritage and its conservation. The society believes that everyone should have the chance to learn through the arts, and makes particular efforts to engage with children and young people from a wide range of faiths and backgrounds.

Painswick Young Arts, by its support, gives just such opportunities for children and young people in our area to have a variety of experiences, ranging from photography to using different media to create abstract paintings, which would not have been possible without the funding which The Arts Society - Painswick provides.

September 2018

Celebrating Fifty Years of The Arts Society

The Arts Society Painswick celebrated the 50th Anniversary at Stroud Museum in the Park with a special pop-up exhibition entitled Nature’s Golden Moments. The show included works by the members of the society, covering a wide range of media including watercolour, oil, embroidery and photography. Children’s Art was also displayed from Croft Primary School and Gloucestershire Young Carers working with two community artists on the same theme. They also designed mirrors and fridge magnets.

Tracey Spiers and Suzie Walker held workshops throughout the two days for all ages, producing a colourful collection of bugs and beetles. There was also a cockerel trail through The Secret Garden as well as a pop-up café. All proceeds went to support the work of Gloucestershire Young Carers.

June 2017 - Gloucestershire Young Carers

£1,000 has been given to Gloucestershire Young Carers for a significant number of young people aged between 8 and 25 to rehearse over five days in August with a group of musicians, and then to perform in a concert.

2016 - Cranham Primary School

In June some of the children from this school were given a wonderful opportunity to explore the nature around them. They were provided with cameras by Ian Green “Wild Wood”, and were able to take digital pictures in the nearby fields. These images were then brought back into school and shared, and some were chosen to be printed and displayed around the school.

2016 - The Croft Primary School Painwick

The school held dance workshops in July for every age group, entitled “Road to Rio”. Each class chose a country and based their dances around that country. Children were also encouraged to produce paintings on the theme of their chosen country as well as to learn more about that country. The school invited a talented dance teacher, who came well prepared with music and dance sequences to match, and at the end of a stimulating day the school performed their dances to their parents.

2016 - The Young Carers based at Twigworth Gloucester

In August a group of Young Carers attended a workshop at Nature in Art in Twigworth where they had the opportunity to make Mosaics, as well as to explore the grounds and to draw.

2016 - Gloucester Cathedral Apprentice

The PADFAS committee decided to donate £2000 to Gloucester Cathedral’s Apprentice Scheme, which is designed to instruct trainees in the art of stonemasonry, and to give them experience of working with different types of stone, and honing their skills, both in Gloucester and at other Cathedrals. As a result of our donation The Heritage Lottery Fund donated a further £6,000, making our contribution worth £8,000.


During the year members pay for coffee/tea at the beginning of meetings. We also hold two raffles a year to raise further funds.

The profits go towards funding the Young Arts activities.

Sue Marlow

Heather Smith